2018 Argumentation in Context Summer School

In the week preceding the  ISSA Conference, the Summer School on Argumentation in Context is organizedThis summer school focuses on the analysis and evaluation of argumentation in activity types from various domains, including the political, the medical, the legal and the academic domain.

Programme Summer School Argumentation in Context 2018

University of Amsterdam (UvA)


Monday June 25

Lecturer:          Frans H. van Eemeren

09.00-12.00     The study of argumentation: A pragma-dialectical perspective

12.00-13.30     Lunch break, café Sanders (Raadhuisstraat 6)

13.30-17.00     Strategic maneuvering in institutionalized contexts

Tuesday June 26

Lecturers:         Frans H. van Eemeren and Francisca Snoeck Henkemans

09.00-12.00     Conventionalization of argumentative activity types

(Frans H. van Eemeren)

12.00-13.30     Lunch break, café Sanders (Raadhuisstraat 6)

13.30-17.00    Argumentation in medical activity types

(Francisca Snoeck Henkemans)

 Wednesday June 27

Lecturer:          Corina Andone

 09.00-12.00     Argumentation in political activity types

12.00-13.30     Lunch break, café Kriterion (Roetersstraat 170)

 Thursday June 28

Lecturers:         Bart Garssen and Assimakis Tseronis

 09.00-12.00     Representing argument schemes and argumentation structures in an analytic overview

(Bart Garssen)

12.00-13.30     Lunch break, café Kriterion (Roetersstraat 170)

13.30-17.00     Multimodal argumentation

(Assimakis Tseronis)

Friday June 29

Lecturers:         Jean Wagemans, Eveline Feteris and José Plug

09.00-12.00    Argumentation in academic activity types

(Jean Wagemans)

 12.00-13.30     Lunch break

13.30-17.00      Argumentation in legal activity types

(Eveline Feteris and José Plug)

18.00-20.00     Closing reception, Droog (Staalstraat 7B)