Overview ARGA research programme

Argumentation & Rhetoric Group Amsterdam

In this research programme, we aim to develop theoretical and practical instruments for the analysis and evaluation of argumentative discourse in different communicative domains. We distinguish between seven themes:

Theme 1 Argumentation in the academic domain

Project 1: Analyzing academic argumentation (Jean Wagemans)

Project 2: Academic writing skills and argumentation (Everdien Rietstap)

Theme 2 Argumentation in the political domain

Project 1: Argumentation in European Union political accountability practices (Corina  Andone)

Project 2: Institutional Constraints on Parliamentary Debate (Bart Garssen)

Project 3: Argumentation in support of policy decisions (Ingeborg van der Geest)

Theme 3 Argumentation in the legal domain

Project 1: A pragma-dialectical approach of legal argumentation (Eveline Feteris)

Project 2: Changing institutional constraints on legal argumentation and Communication (José Plug)

Theme 4 Argumentation in the medical domain

Project 1: Institutional constraints on doctor-patient argumentation (Francisca Snoeck Henkemans and Jean Wagemans)

Theme 5 Dialectical and rhetorical analysis and evaluation of argumentative discourse

Project 1: Identifying argumentative patterns in different kinds of activity types

(Corina Andone, Eveline Feteris, Bart Garssen, Francisca Snoeck Henkemans, Jean Wagemans, in collaboration with Frans van Eemeren)

Project 2: Argumentative functions of visuals beyond the evidentiary (Assimakis Tseronis in collaboration with Charles Forceville)

Project 3: Modelling resistance to metaphor in argumentative discourse (Lotte)

Project 4: Argument Schemes (Bart Garssen, in collaboration with Frans van Eemeren)

Project 5: Hidden fallaciousness (Bart Garssen, Bert Meuffels in collaboration with Frans van Eemeren)

Project 6: Testing resistance to metaphor (Roosmaryn Pilgram)