PhD Dissertations


Merel Boers Controversy on moral judgment. Fifteen historian-reviewers in the controversy on Hannah Arendt’s book Eichman in Jeruzalem in the US, West Germany and France, 1963-1967. A historical and a pragma-dialectical perspective

Andre Juthe Argumentation by analogy. A systematic analytical study of an argument scheme

Eugen Popa Thought experiments in academic disputes: A pragma-dialectical method for reconstructing the argumentative use of imaginary scenarios

Ahmed Omar Strategic Maneuvering in Supporting the Feasibility of Political Change. A pragma-dialectical analysis of Egyptian anti-regime columns

Jacky Visser A dialogue game for critical discussion


Roosmaryn Pilgram A doctor’s argument by authority. An analytical and empirical study of strategic manoeuvring in medical consultation

Renske Wierda Experience-based authority argumentation in direct-to-consumer medical advertisements: An analytical and empirical study concerning the strategic anticipation of critical questions

Ingeborg van der Geest Argumentatie voor een keuze: Een pragma-dialectische analyse van gemotiveerde keuzes in overheidsbesluiten over m.e.r.-plichtige projecten


Lotte van Poppel Getting the vaccine now will protect you in the future! A pragma-dialectical analysis of strategic maneuvering with pragmatic argumentation in health brochures


Constanza Ihnen Jory Pragmatic Argumentation in Lawmaking Debates Instruments for the analysis and evaluation of pragmatic argumentation at the Second Reading of the British Parliament