Recent Publications

Special issue Argumentation
Volume 30 · Number 1 · March 2016


Identifying Argumentative Patterns: A Vital Step in the Development
of Pragma-Dialectics – F.H. van Eemeren

Problem-Solving Argumentative Patterns in Plenary Debates of the
European Parliament – B. Garssen

Argumentative Patterns in the Political Domain: The Case of European
Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry – C. Andone

Prototypical Argumentative Patterns in a Legal Context: The Role of
Pragmatic Argumentation in the Justification of Judicial Decisions – E.T. Feteris

Argumentative Patterns in Over-the-Counter Medicine Advertisements – A.F. Snoeck Henkemans

Argumentative Patterns for Justifying Scientific Explanations –
J.H.M. Wagemans



Special issue of Journal of Argumentation in Context

Volume 5, number 1, 2016

Argumentation in Journalism. Professional practices and the public sphere

Guest Editors: Corina Andone and Andrea Rocci


Argumentation in journalism: Professional practices and the public sphere
Corina Andone and Andrea Rocci
1 – 8
Arguing with oneself: The writing process as an argumentative soliloquy
Marta Zampa and Daniel Perrin
9 – 28
The framing of argumentation in the making of a political editorial: From normative expectations to individual credo of the journalists
Marcel Burger and Laura Delaloye
29 – 47
Predictions in economic-financial news: Author’s stance and argumentative loci
Rudi Palmieri and Johanna Miecznikowski
48 – 73
Delimiting the burden of proof in political interviews
Corina Andone
74 – 87
Economic-financial journalists as argumentative intermediaries
Andrea Rocci and Margherita Luciani
88 – 111